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One of many stories.
  • Topic created by Orienteer7 on Wed Jan 11, 2023 at 6:06 pm
    Mark Frank (Orienteer7)
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    Primary Club: DVOA
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    First O: 1974
    In the mid-1980's we had a core of 20 year olds in the club that I hung out with.  Because DVOA only hosted about 8-10 events a year I tended to travel on off weekends to HVO and QOC land and was a member of each so I could also get their newsletter.  Here is DVOA land I traveled with many people to other events on the east cost. 

    One trip I will always remember:

    Robert Hesketh (SIUOC), Charles Hodges (FSUOC) both relocated to DVOA land.   One weekend we decided to travel to QOC for a score event at Manassas Battlefield.  Along the way we picked up Tom Delaney and Dave Linthicum of QOC who would come up to DVOA events.  The day was extremely hot and I believe it was well over 100 degress on the battlefield.  QOC let us know that there was no water on the course and for competitors to plan accordingly.  The five of us set out with everyone else hoping to "maximize" the score event.  Charles as it turned out was the only intelligent one of our group as he visited 2 controls and then returned to the shade near the start/finish...then drove and got food and drink and returned waiting for the rest of us to return.  I know that I ran out of gas and with no water had a hard time getting back to the finish and was well overtime taking my score negative and so I believe Tom, Dave and Robert also went negative.  Robert had been stung by bees on the course and was having a reaction and needed emergency care so we were informed of the nearest care center and drove there together.  We had no time to change from our "O" suits.  Upon reaching the office we found a waiting room with patients awaiting care.  There was a wall mounted air conditioner and Tom immediately saw the benefit of laying on the floor below it...we all followed.  I was surpised we didn't clear the waiting room as we all agreed we stunk!...but cool air is what our doctors would have ordered had they been there.  You see you could always count on Tom for good ideas!  Once Robert was doing better we headed back north abd had a great laugh about our experience that day and expecially about the facial expressions of the patients at the care center.

    -Mark Frank
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