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DVOA Scout Orienteering
  • Topic created by Orienteer7 on Sat Jan 16, 2021 at 10:06 am
    Mark Frank (Orienteer7)
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    Primary Club: DVOA
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    First O: 1974
    The following postcard will be going out this week to our S-MASOC mailing list.  If you do not receive a postcard you can follow the instructions below to be included in our future email notifications.  We will be discontinuing USPS mailings going forward so please register per below.  


    You are receiving this postcard because you have either been on the Mid-Atlantic

    Scout Orienteering Championship mailing list or have participated/communicated

    with DVOA about orienteering.


    At present we do not know whether S-MASOC32 will occur on Saturday, May 1, 2021. 

    We have had a discussion with French Creek State Park late in 2020 and at the time

    they told us… if approved, DVOA may need to limit the participants to 250 or less. 

    The event usually attracts 500+. DVOA is committed to the safety of its participants

    and volunteer members and is following the guidelines issued by the State and Park

    authorities along with the sport’s National Governing Body (OUSA).


    To be better at communicating both quickly and efficiently the status of this event

    and all future Scout related Events, we are moving away from direct mailings to Email.

    If you wish to get event & status notices, including where to get registration material,

    send the following information below to:  Orienteer74@gmail.com


    Send email with Email Subject:  DVOA Scout-O

    1)Troop #   2) Town, State   3) Contact email* address(es)  4) Contact Full Name

           *Note: A troop permanent email address should be included and noted as such.

             If you are not the current contact please forward to your troop.


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