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Wanaque Ridge Spoiler alert for tomorrows O meet (25 Nov OVH Wanaque Ridge)
  • Topic created by BRycharski on Fri Nov 24, 2017 at 9:40 pm
    Bob Rycharski (BRycharski)
    Num Posts: 151
    Primary Club: DVOA
    Fav map: Rutgers Preserve
    First O: 1976
    'Wanaque Ridge Course setting Notes OVH mirror 25 nov', 'Tomorrow is seen as a bit far of a drive for most DVOA members, but you are all invited TO ENJOY a Brand new Map(Thanks Paul Bennett)

    A GREAT DEBUT of a NEW TOPO map of Wanaque Ridge, a new 1:10000 scale map

    Basis  THe bottom SW half of the Old Ramapo Lake St Park app was rescanned and trail revised
    i.e the West or Wanaque Boro side of the map.

    1. Contours 5 M, most cases deemed by this CS very acurate from the original cartographers effort in 1982
    2. Rocks and cliffs every where - IMO there is more rock than they surveyed, specially unmapped  small 1/2 M outcrops, still, open Forest abounds  another exampe, I taped/ribbon a control  On the map, 4 Boulders in an area of about 20 square feet.  When I visited as CS, there were really 7 Large Boulders... in that same area - go figure, some chipmunk rolled the other 3 into the small area some years ago
    3. But that aside, forest running is very fast except in two places A on leaf covered bare rock, and B On the wide Pipeline ROW. Much Crushed  rock on trail there, (ankle biters) better to run in the forest (offset)
    4. red runners will have a scenic view of Wanaque Resevoir from a mountian top clearing - Bring a camera phone, best selfie may win a prize. Others may request the directions to that Orange trail best view point
    5. katniss Point. Yellow long course will visit the ramapo lake clearing view point were - Katniss "by the lake" was filmed for Hunger game movie# 2.  Google that (4 words) and I swear I can see a small O flag in the marginal trees behind her. More selfies available
    6. We have parkng for 120 cars, no craming cars like 12 year ago in Oakland lot  (because of lack of parking and an agressive Oakland police ticket squad, map unused since then)
    7. We have local key to Back Beach park Rest Rooms ( B/G)
    8. For after run pizza or itialian food, try Pizza one restaurant, or the authors 5 star reccomendation,     Il Pallazzo (1 mile north of the Exxon station,, 1/2 mile past the large Wanaque dam)), oner Sal and Francess are friends of mine, and Giovanni makes  a delicious mushroom and onion slice pizza and other stuff
    9. Course details posted at HVOrienteering.com webpage
    10. And the WQ ridge Course setter sez, excelant courses, extra than normal course climb as this property is not flat, but access is from the bottom of the Wanaque River, which we cross dryfoot on a Hunters bridge rock ricketedy bridge (still good)
    11. Water features normal, swamps still full of muck, some pond features have dryed up though
    12. Oak acorns all gone (buried by squirrels,but Hickory nuts are still found in abundace on trails)
    13. Good to excellant trails for all beginers courses, but not for the stroller set, leave the babies with the sitters - but not so usefull for the green and red runners
    14. See (c) You Inthewoods  sez a run excited DVOA member (ME) Bob R ps  ComeonDown!
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