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Coventry Woods Grand Prize
  • Topic created by rgbortz on Fri Dec 9, 2022 at 7:06 pm
    Ron Bortz (rgbortz)
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    Grand Prize for running (or walking)  and completing a course without a compass is FIVE (5) vouchers.
    To get those vouchers you must get all  40 controls.
    Due to the concentration of controls all on the north slope I am anticipating the elite runners could do this under 90 minutes.
    If any one should elect to do this you will get a contros master map.
    Doing all controls precludes you from earning any vouchers for your USOF color course and there will be only one 5 voucher winner. This opens up the possibility for others to earn more vouchers.
    Anyone who completes the all controls course without a compass, just like anyone else who completes their color course without a compass will earn a voucher.

    I presume this event can count for rankings if you run with or without a compass except for those who elect the all controls option.
    I will be at registration to handle all things related to the "no compass challenge."

    All this is presumptive on my part that it will not create any hardship for the technical people.

    See me at registration to verify we can make this work.

  • Reply by KathyM on Sat Dec 10, 2022 at 2:59 pm
    Katherine Moss (KathyM)
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    As a reminder, we will start picking up controls at 2:30 pm!  It gets dark early at this time of year, especially in the woods.  If you would like to try Ron's all controls no compass challenge, be sure to pick an early enough start time!
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