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Orienteering Championship in Philadelphia
  • Topic created by robw on Fri Apr 23, 2021 at 10:09 pm
    Rob Wilkison (robw)
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    The 2020 US Trail-Orienteering Championships are being held at the Philadelphia Naval Yard on May 15-16.  It is being put on by the Capital Region Nordic Alliance (CRNA), an Albany, NY based group which has been active in conducting trail o' events.  CRNA is waiving all fees for veterans.  The PreO format will be used in Saturday the 15th, with TempO on the 16th.  There is an instructional event on Friday evening the 14th.  All events are held at the Chapel of the Four Chaplains, 1201 Constitution Avenue.  Further information and registration is available at the Orienteering USA website in the Event Calendar page.  
  • Reply by bobburg on Tue May 11, 2021 at 0:48 am
    Bob Burg (bobburg)
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    Rob has posted information about Orienteering USA’s Annual National TrailO Championship being held this weekend in our very own backyard – the Philadelphia Navy Yard!!!  Sorry the descriptive flyer about the event is no longer posted on the website’s Home and Schedule pages.  So here is additional information about the event, and I happily invite you to try your hand at TrailO in uniquely chosen and mapped terrain, perfectly suited for everyone this Saturday.

    My suggestion is for any first timers, compete in the PreO on Saturday (the classic TrailO course), then come join us at Quail Hill (as I will be doing) for our local event hosted by Ava Suhocki as ED, with courses designed by Meg Hammond.  For TrailO veterans who want to compete both days, contact Russ Myer of CRNA to get an early start time for Sunday’s TempO, so that you too can join us at QH by early afternoon.

    Here are the websites to check out: 

    CRNA’s site with every question you might want answered….and much more J


    and Orienteering USA’s Registration page….  


    CRNA, the host organization for the event, works especially with Veteran and Paralympic populations, so they partnered with the Navy Yard’s Chapel of the Four Chaplains to deliver a TrailO Championship (which OUSA approved for the National Championship) especially designed to be user-friendly for everyone no matter their ability or disability.  The competition will include 2 classes, one for abled orienteers, and a second for paralympions.

    CRNA contacted Ed Hicks (who sadly just recently left us) to see if Orienteering Unlimited could provide maps for the event. And Ed (my O-business partner for the past 16 years) contacted me since I’m already in the neighborhood.  So last summer, I mapped 2 urban parks and surrounding streets close to the Chapel in the totally flat Navy Yard terrain designed everywhere to be handicapped accessible throughout these beautifully landscaped parks. 

    And because the parks are full of detail-rich man-made features and landscaping, each viewing station has a wealth of details to challenge anyone’s observational skills.  And please join us after the competition on Saturday for a barbeque provided by a disabled veteran’s group that now numbers more than a hundred outlets nationwide.

    Hope to see you at the Navy Yard Saturday….and at Quail Hill Sunday.  An entire weekend of quite different but equally challenging orienteering skills.    

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