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Green Lane Sunday August 18th
  • Topic created by KathyM on Mon Aug 12, 2019 at 6:09 pm
    Katherine Moss (KathyM)
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    After a summer full of sprints, we are back at Green Lane next Sunday for a set of full legnth courses, White through Red!  For registration/download, we will be using the “Stone Pavilion”, the stone building on the left, just before you reach the parking lot of the park office. It is very close to the south park entrance, of Gravel Pike. There are restrooms there as well as picnic facilities, and we have plenty of parking.  Several bridges in the area are under construction, so pay attention to GPS re-routing (for those of us who can navigate in the woods, but rely on technology to get there). 

    The voluteer page is up, so please sign up to help out!  Looking forward to seeing you out in the woods!

    Green Lane Course Setter Notes:

    Welcome to Green Lane in the Summer!  The woods are green and it is often rocky underfoot. Visibility is reduced and it will be slow-going, so the courses are shorter than usual. Running the course you normally run should give you plenty of time in the woods - especially if it is a hot day. Only the Orange and Red courses venture to the north of Deep Creek Lake, so those are your choice you want some additional distance (and possibly some faster running).

    The good news is that there is not much thorny stuff. My advice is to stay in areas mapped white or light green or on trails as much as possible. Be careful even with that approach since there are a few areas which are much thicker than the map indicates (thickness of vegetation was likely mapped in late fall/winter/early spring and certain types of vegetation thicken up much more than others during the growing season). If it looks thick and nasty, don't go that way!

    There are many recent blowdowns of large trees, creating unmapped rootstocks which may be 2-3 meters high. Rootstocks which were on the original map are still shown, but keep in mind that in the terrain they will likely be well-weathered. The trunks and crowns of the new blowdowns may impede travel. The map has only been modified in one place where a possibly useful trail junction has been obliterated by a blowdown.

    Certain section of the Green Lane map have rock, lots of rock. In the densest areas, not all rock is mapped, so think like the mapper and figure out what he chose to map (keeping in mind that the mapping was probably done when there were no leaves on the vegetation which may make it hard to see some of the rock).

    The Green Lane map is about fifteen years old, so some things have changed. Sandy Fillebrown and Bob Fink did some updates this Spring in the area around Deep Creek Lake and I have made some changes further out where courses might be affected, but be aware that not everything is up to date.

    There are several areas marked out of bounds on the map. Of particular note is the campground area to the south of the parking lot. Since it is Summer, the campground is in use and we need to avoid passing through it. It is possible to get around the campground in the surrounding woods. Most of the rest of the OOB areas are private property located outside the park boundaries. 

    All courses cross roads in the park which will have traffic on them, so please cross carefully. I have seen cars on Deep Creek Road well in excess of the speed limit. Also, the Perkiomen Trail winds through the park and may have some speedy bicycle traffic. Stay aware when you are on or crossing a wide gravel or paved path.

  • Reply by Magna111 on Mon Aug 12, 2019 at 11:29 pm
    Brad Colbeck (Magna111)
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    Checked the gps and the schedule and it looks like I shouldn?t have a problem getting there Sunday. I?ll plan on picking up controls since I?ll probably only have time for 1 course! Brad
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