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Invitation to the Once-in-a-Lifetime Event at Batsto
  • Topic created by bobburg on Mon Apr 8, 2019 at 7:05 pm
    Bob Burg (bobburg)
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    Tired of thrashing through slash green groundcover your entire course?  Bailing out to the nearest trail or fire ditch? Reluctant to make that not as-long-as-you-imagine drive to the far edges of DVOAland?

    Well this is your chance to try out orienteering in the NJ Pinelands in ideal circumstances!!!  

    Last year's wildfire (turned into massive controlled burn by the opportunistic Batsto staff) has left half of our map -- yes, the HALF of our map where courses will be concentrated -- in the most runnable white woods conditions that we'll ever see.  And that entire part of the map has been revised just for this event.  See one small example on the Event Page of how the terrain has transformed.

    So I invite you all to enjoy Easter Saturday in the NJ woods.  Come with your best running shoes, gaiters optional.

    In hopes that this invitation is too good to pass up, I ask that a few of you offer an hour or two of assistance at the event before or after your course. Please visit the Volunteer page, or contact me directly at bburg at comcast dot net.

    This is such an unexpected opportunity that has come our way.  Hope all of you join us.  Bunny ears optional. Cool
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