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Orienteering-gains in NJ or How to clear a rootstock Off of a trail
  • Topic created by BRycharski on Mon Jul 9, 2018 at 10:43 pm
    Bob Rycharski (BRycharski)
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    Hi, just a quick note about my spring and summer project, aka Adopt a Local Trail to maintain.

    This topic is to encourage all you DVOA members to help your local trail conferene or hiking club clean and clear trail issues, especially in the summer when the club schedule is lean until Sept.
    Keep on Training, keep on pace counting, O course setting/meet planning and X/C woods bashing.
    But also give back to the park via service projects.
    In this case all benefit from a 5month personal trail rehabilitation.
    * In 2013 I selected Wanaque (WQ) Back Beach park Red Triangle trail into the Ramapo lake/Mtns State Park as my Project. 
    * Close to my home. Off the beaten track even.  Leads to "Katniss on the Lake" clearing and lake movie shot ... for you Hunger Games - fans (Google that phrase).  [WQ is secretly District 12. Oh My, there's Pres. Snow now.!].
    * Unimproved trails but some are Maintained by NJ/NY trail conf crews.
    * Miles of Hiking.  Wanague Ridge (2017) (aka P Bennett  CAD work) NJ map or 20 year old HVO Ramapo Lake St Park map (analog printed/offset, out of circulation).
    * Adopted a Foot Bridge, topic of this thread. 27 approx years of water erosion (long story).
    * FIx west bank WQ river erosion 2013 and 2014 (new rebar and cement)
    * Fix top 3 steps east approach that were falling into the WQ River/stream almost (Nov 2017)
    * the reason and payoff for me and also any one who hikes there, a 2000 pound tree and a raft of 6-9 trees stranded on the opposite end of the over 75 foot long foot concrete and stone bridge (Mar. flood spoil).
    * Remove the raft/branch's with a hand saw and a few local helpers by 30 June.
    * NY/NJ trail conference leaders Chris C and helpers remove the 2000 lb and 18 in diameter tree off of the middle span with chain saws Monday, 9 July by noon today.
    * Yes Virginia, there is a Santa. 3 month e-mail blog finally gets others than locals to help.
    * Bottom line, Pick a state, pick a park, pick a trail (or all of the above). Get it Done!
    * pay it forward. Contact me or ask more info at the Dvoa/Hvo dual meet for the Long version
    * Service is its own reward.   Whats up 2 fix in your neck of the DVOA woods?
  • Reply by camperpat on Tue Jul 10, 2018 at 8:29 am
    Pat Burton (camperpat)
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    Well.  I help maintain our 54 mile Batona trail here in the Pine Barrens.   We work every Tuesday and it is posted in the ocsj.org club activity list.  We usually start late october and work all thru the winter into spring due to ticks and chiggars.  In Summer we clear the rivers.  
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