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Hawk Mountain Course Notes - April 15
  • Topic created by skolins on Sun Apr 8, 2018 at 11:02 am
    Samuel  Kolins (skolins)
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    Two years ago the entire Hawk Mountain Boy Scout camp was remapped.  For the national event last fall we used just the main part of the camp, but the map is actually significantly larger and also covers a few less developed parts of the property.  This event will debut the larger map for the intermediate and advanced courses, containing some legs though the complex geometry of the campsites and other legs though the new parts of the terrain.  Registration, start, and finish are all at the pavilion attached to the camp office in the main parking lot.  Dogs (whether on a leash or not) are prohibited at all times because of hygiene concerns.

    Two Important Notes:

    • Map specifications - For White and Yellow the map scale is 1:5000.  For all other courses the scale is 1:7500.  All maps have 5m contours

    • Trails Outside of the Camp:  The small trails south of the main developed area are blazed but very easy to miss, and at times hard to follow.  Most rides through previously logged areas are overgrown and hard to see.  The major trails on the map are used by the reservation’s ATV and are very clear.

    Other Facts You Might Find Helpful:

    • Tent Platforms - The reservation has a number of large wooden tent platforms.  These have been mapped using small, open black squares (the small ruin symbol).  On the clue sheets, the platforms are indicated using the O special item symbol.  All other special man-made objects are clued using the X special item symbol.  The orange, green, red, and blue courses will enter one area where the camp is getting ready to install (or, depending on the weather, is in the process of installing) new tent platforms.  In this area there will be some piles of tent platform bases and possibly some brand new looking platforms.  These wood piles/new platforms are NOT mapped.

    • Out of Bounds Areas -  In the northwest section of the map there are OB safety areas around the archery range and climbing tower.  In addition to being marked as OB on the map, the boundaries around these areas are roped off with streamers on the rope so that the edge of the OB is well defined in the terrain.  The Ranger’s house and ropes course area are also OB.

    • Trails In the Camp - The trails vary from fast and open dirt roads to small and rocky paths.  Because of the large number of campsites, there are also a number of small paths created by campers.  As a general rule, the trails on the map are the official trails, which are often bordered by rocks in areas where there is not dense vegetation.  When the smaller paths provide a fast way through vegetation, the paths are indicated by small linear areas of white woods or clearings.

    • Pavilions - Open-air pavilions have been mapped using the light-gray building-pass through symbol.  Many of these pavilions have a wall on one of the two short ends.

    • Check your Controls - particularly in the camp there are some pairs of controls fairly close to each other.  Also, the red and blue courses self-cross a bit.


  • Reply by JanetT on Sun Apr 15, 2018 at 10:00 pm
    Janet Tryson (JanetT)
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    Thank you to Sam for setting the courses, and to all the volunteers who made everything work smoothly! I enjoyed the Brown course (and the rain stayed light enough to not be a distraction).
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