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Warm weather O training TIP watch out for Winter TICKS
  • Topic created by BRycharski on Tue Feb 20, 2018 at 8:54 pm
    Bob Rycharski (BRycharski)
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    Hi all, just a reminder when you are training/running in the next few days TO Beware of TICKS.
    I just ran after work in the Tourne county park (tuesday), in Boonton NJ, and when ever I took cross country jogging shortcuts, I had to stop and pick a few medium dog ticks off of my running pants.  They all met a squishy fate.
    For new comers, ticks are common in any parks or forest with deer or similar wild animals.  Especially parks with remote swamps where deer hide.
    Most locals and local rangers know the worst offending parks (network maybe).
    To protect your self, use a tick deterent spray with Deet, even in the Winter!!
    Wear light colored running suits or at least do not wear dark blue jeans (the worst, tell the kids especially).  If you can see black specs on light pants or tees, (be wary and check every few minutes if touching brush).  Beware the small Black or brown tick, you can remove them if you see em before they hide on your body.
    If as in my case you get a insect-like tickle (or two) on your Neck, while driving, don't ignore it if you just ran in an area ticks may be present.  In my case, I was 200 feet down the exit road and I pulled over, parked, plucked the offending itchy nynpth tick successfully, paced it on my compass base plate, and flattened it. Tossed it out the window.  4 other were plucked off pants during the O trek as they attempted Olympic sprints upwards.
    Get home, change and shower immediately, wash all clothes in hot water.  You don't want to get your mate, siblings or family ambushed by a tick in the bathroom (My sigg other still reminds me of her cross tick transference some 12 years ago after an orienteering O meet in Manalapan.   Not a story I want to remember, (hang head, always))...
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  • Reply by kathyu on Wed Feb 28, 2018 at 10:05 pm
    Kathy Urban (kathyu)
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    Found an early tick on my wrist just taking a stroll while i was driving back from Housenick.  Squashed him.  Bob is right, might be a big year for them. Also just heard there  is a new type in NJ that was found on sheep.
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