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DVOA juniors on the US junior teams
  • Topic created by Sandy on Thu Jan 4, 2018 at 3:00 pm
    Sandy Fillebrown (Sandy)
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    This just announced:
    JTESC and the Junior National Coaches are excited to announce the US Junior Development Team and the Junior National Team athletes for 2018. With a second coach we are excited to say we have a record number of athletes committing to and participating in the junior national program. We are excited to have a much more formal development team this year which will help our young juniors get the developmental support they need to progress to the national and international level of competition. This will help us implement a multi stage development process to better prepare the US athletes, keep more juniors involved at various levels and ultimately sustain our national teams in the long run. Here are the athletes:

    Diana Aleksieva
    Jessica Colaran
    Antoine Finot
    Viktor Frolenko
    Bridget Hall
    Keegan Harkavy
    Jennifer Harnage
    Jacob Hook
    Sam Loustaunau
    Alexis Merka
    Kai Mihata
    Salinda Miller
    John Phillips
    Dylan Poe
    Oriana Riley
    Joshua Sanchez
    Vilppu Viinikainen
    Deirdre Young

    Brigitte Bordelon
    Siri Christopherson
    Tyra Chhristopherson
    Julia Doubson
    Martin B Heir
    Thomas Laraia
    Turner Leigh
    Aidan Minto
    Katie Petersen
    Sarah Petersen
    Anthony (AJ) Riley
    David Runde
    Caroline Sandbo
    Piotr (Peter) Zakrevski

    Please note we are still accepting applications for JDT and hope we can continue to grow the numbers. The work starts at home and we are looking forward to a great year. Go USA!!
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