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Program Details

PrintCtl is designed to print control numbers for controls. Control numbers are numbers (or letters) printed on paper and attached to a control. A participant uses the control number in combination with the control description sheet (clue sheet) to know they are at the right control. Control numbers are printed, copied onto card stock and laminated. This program lets you specify a sequence of numbers to be printed and then prints the numbers. If desired, guide lines for cutting the control numbers can be printed. Help text is provided. A Word document is provided that can serve as a model for information to be placed on the back of the control number. Instructions for laminating the control numbers is provided in the help text.

The program will only run on a Win32 (e.g., 95, 98, NT, XP) platform. It will not run on Windows 3.1 or earlier. To use the program, unzip the files and save them in a directory of your choice. To execute the program, double-click on PrintCtl.exe. If desired you can create a shortcut to the program.

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If you have questions concerning PrintCtl, please contact Fred Kruesi, author of the program.

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