How to Report Results

The following information is needed from the pink cards in order to accurately record and calculate the club rankings:

General event information:

  • Name of the event
  • Date of the event
  • Event director's name
  • Course designer's name
  • Course consultant (if one was used)
  • Length, climb, and number of controls for each course

Information specific to each participant:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Class
  • Club
  • Time (use MM:SS not HH:MM:SS)

Some Additional guidelines:

  • Emphasize to the registration crew that first and last names are necessary
  • Emphasize to the registration crew to print the information on the pink cards
  • Have the start crew give a quick check to the pink cards
  • Do not send anyone out with incomplete data on the pink card
  • Excel or plan text is preferred
  • Do NOT
    use all capital letters

An example report would be similar to the following:

French Creek Central
Event Directors:  Ed & Judy Scott
Course Desinger: Ed Scott

Blue   10.1km  236m   21 Controls
1  Clem McGrath      M21   DVOA   87:45
2  Tom Overbaugh     M35   DVOA   89:14

Red    6.6km   142m   12 Controls
1   Sandy Fillebrown F40   DVOA   65:02
2   Anne Fitch       F21   DVOA   66:16



How should I report the time?
Orienteering times are always listed as mm:ss even if the time is over one hour. Instead of using 1:23:45, the time should be listed as 83:45.
Do I have to enter the information in the exact order as shown above?
No, as long as the information is somewhere in your report, I'll be able to dig it out.
What format should I use?
Excel is best, but I can usually read most formats. If you don't have Excel, then the next best is just plain old text.
OK, all the information is entered in my computer. What do I do with it now?
Easy - just attach the file to an email and send it to Vadim at
I ran an event that only had White and Yellow courses. Do you want the results for this event?
Yes, many people check the web to see where they placed. I will post the results from all the events that I receive.